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As part of our mission to secure our nation’s critical non-profit community, Horizon Security is offering this quote generator to the general public. Disclaimer: using the quote generator comes with the following agreements: All quotes and prices are pending a site inspection to confirm the exact needs and challenges of your property. Horizon will collect your information. We understand that you may use any provider for your project, if you choose Horizon, we will make every effort to earn your trust and exceed your expectations. All data entered on this form will be collected. We do not sell your data.

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If you would like to include Doors and Windows in this quote, you will need the square footage of all included doors and windows.

If you need assistance with getting the measurements, please use our Square footage tool (premium) located here.

If you would like to do the measurements on your own, here is what you need:

  • Total number of windows & doors
  • width and height of each (entire frame, not individual panes of glass)
  • The square footage of each (using a square footage calculator)

If you will be using multiple products (options listed below) please get the total for each.

Door options:

We offer two options for door security: impact-resistant and bulletproof doors.

Impact-Resistant Doors: (recommended) Offers robust protection against forced entries and environmental elements.
Bulletproof Doors: (For critical situations) Provides an essential barrier against firearm threats, ensuring the utmost safety from potential attacks.

Window options:

We offer the following options for windows:
  • Window film: a security film is applied to your windows. This option is the cheapest and easiest to install. Film comes in clear and reflective/mirrored options.
  • Replacement Impact windows: Your windows are replaced with new windows that are impact resistant. Includes a new frame.
  • Retrofit Ballistic: A bullet-resistant* sheet of glass/polymer is inserted behind your window. (your windows will be assessed to confirm you can use this option)
  • Ballistic Replacement: Your windows are replaced with new ballistic windows.
  • *It is important to note that the exact level of protection provided by ballistic windows varies by material used, threat level certification and other variables beyond our control.